Excellent hardware requires an excellent software stack. Few parts of that stack more clearly illustrate this point than telemetry, which essentially refers to the collection of real-time, critical data on machine performance. A weak telemetry system can spell catastrophe for hardware projects, so many companies rely on expensive, complicated solutions,Continue Reading

There’s no doubt the STEM toys category has lost a bit of its magic. The hype that started about a decade ago, powering a wave of startups to launch creative and experimental products — pitching parents on dedicated connected hardware and apps to help unlock their kids’ future tech careerContinue Reading

Last year’s techwide reckoning continues. The tech industry has seen more than 240,000 jobs lost in 2023, a total that’s already 50% higher than last year and growing. Earlier this year, mass workforce reductions were driven by the biggest names in tech like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Meta and Zoom.Continue Reading