Erika Brodnock describes herself as an outside-the-box thinker. That’s no surprise: Her father is a founder, and now she herself is an academic DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) researcher. Early, Brodnock had the drive and understanding that change is created — and data can help her drive it. Last year,Continue Reading

GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke considers AI and software development to now be inextricably linked, powered by assistive tools such as Copilot and its associated Copilot Chat, which the Microsoft-owned company expanded to individual GitHub subscribers today. But speaking onstage at TC Disrupt today, Dohmke maintained that the snowballing AI revolution won’tContinue Reading

The USA might be the land of the automobile, with its grid-oriented cities, wide roads and interstates rolling off into the horizon. But cities that were not built for cars have narrow, winding and possibly cobbled streets without many parking options, and you’ll find that mopeds and small-engined bikes ofContinue Reading