PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY FIVETHIRTYEIGHT / GETTY IMAGES Welcome to Pollapalooza, our weekly polling roundup. Last Saturday, a Norfolk Southern freight train derailed in Springfield, Ohio, taking out power for over 1,000 people and prompting authorities to issue a temporary shelter-in-place order for nearby residents. And no, this wasn’t the oneContinue Reading

PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY EMILY SCHERER / GETTY IMAGES Let’s give a big round of applause to the pollsters. Measuring public opinion is, in many ways, harder than ever — and yet, the polling industry just had one of its most successful election cycles in U.S. history. Despite a loud chorusContinue Reading

Celal Gunes / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images In their first full legislative sessions after the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade, Republican state legislators are being pressed on what “pro-life” really means. There are plenty of bills focusing on abortion restrictions — particularly in the Republican-controlled states where abortionContinue Reading

PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY FIVETHIRTYEIGHT / GETTY IMAGES Over the past 18 months, inflation has dominated our understanding of the pandemic economy. Americans have endured the highest yearly price increases in four decades, from soup to nuts — literally. Even now, as experts and forecasters worry that the economy might dipContinue Reading

Welcome to FiveThirtyEight’s politics chat. The transcript below has been lightly edited. nrakich (Nathaniel Rakich, senior elections analyst): Last weekend, conservative activists and media members alike descended on Washington, D.C., for the Conservative Political Action Conference. But all is not well in CPAC-land. Matt Schlapp, the conference’s longtime chair, isContinue Reading