The Australian government will conduct a joint investigation into the authenticity of works produced by a major Indigenous art collective after claims of alterations and artistic interference by white art assistants, the Sydney Morning Herald reported Tuesday. The federal, South Australian, and Northern Territory governments are behind the inquiry intoContinue Reading

After the Telegraph reported last week that India was waging a massive effort to get stolen artifacts back from the UK, government officials from the former country contested the article, stating that it had exaggerated repatriation efforts currently being undertaken. The Telegraph‘s article said that the repatriation efforts could targetContinue Reading

Earlier this spring, the London nonprofit a/political and the Hamburg-based Wau Holland Foundation held the exhibition “States of Violence” in partnership with the whistleblowing NGO Wikileaks. The show, housed at a former meat processing factory in South London and displaying the work of 16 politically active artists and collectives, hadContinue Reading