Bethany Joy Lenz Reveals Alleged “Cult” She Says She Belonged To

Bethany Joy Lenz is revealing more details of her inspiring journey. 

After previously sharing on her podcast she was “in a cult for 10 years,” the One Tree Hill alum will detail her recovery from the harrowing experience in her debut memoir, Dinner for Vampires

“An only child who often had to fend for herself and always wanted a place to belong, Lenz found the safe haven she’d been searching for in a Bible study group with other Hollywood creatives,” a description for the book, from Simon & Schuster reads. “However, the group soon morphed into something more sinister—a slowly woven web of manipulation, abuse, and fear under the guise of a church covenant called The Big House Family.”

The Big House Family, as Bethany alleges in the synopsis, coerced her to “give away her autonomy,” relocate to the organization’s Pacific Northwest compound, and had her have “Family ‘minders'” on set with her. 

In addition, Bethany is set to describe the group’s alleged practices to keep her a loyal member, including “‘Maoist struggle session’–inspired meetings in the basement of a filthy house, and regular counseling with ‘Leadership.'”

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