Prince Harry Loses Legal Challenge Over U.K. Security Protection

After the decision was made, the Home Office shared its reaction.

“We are pleased that the court has found in favor of the government’s position in this case,” it said in part of a statement obtained by Reuters, “and we are carefully considering our next steps.”

Meanwhile, Harry’s legal team—who expressed how the duke doesn’t feel safe in the U.K. with the current security arrangements and previously lost their bid for him to cover these protection costs himself—noted their intent to appeal the judgment.

“Although these are not labels used by RAVEC, three categories – as revealed during the litigation – comprise the ‘RAVEC cohort’: the Role Based Category, the Occasional Category and the Other VIP Category,” a legal spokesperson for the duke said in a statement obtained by NBC News. “The Duke is not asking for preferential treatment, but for a fair and lawful application of RAVEC’s own rules, ensuring that he receives the same consideration as others in accordance with RAVEC’s own written policy.” 

The spokesperson added, “In February 2020, RAVEC failed to apply its written policy to The Duke of Sussex and excluded him from a particular risk analysis. The Duke’s case is that the so-called ‘bespoke process’ that applies to him, is no substitute for that risk analysis. The Duke of Sussex hopes he will obtain justice from the Court of Appeal, and makes no further comment while the case is ongoing.”

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