German Heiress Christina Block’s 2 Kids Abducted During NYE Party

Tragedy has struck a prominent German family.

Steakhouse heiress Christina Block‘s children Klara, 13, and Theodor, 10 were kidnapped while watching fireworks with their father Stephan Hensel at a New Year’s Eve celebration close to the Germany-Denmark border, according to German newspaper Bild, per a translation by People.

The alleged abduction took place at a restaurant in the Danish town of Gråsten shortly after midnight on Jan. 1, when a group of men knocked Hensel to the ground and forced the kids into two cars, local police said, per U.K. outlet The Telegraph. The vehicles—a Mercedes-Benz and a Citroën—bared German license plates, according to the publication, though it is unclear if they crossed the border after the incident. 

Klara was last seen wearing light cargo pants and a green sweater with a teddy bear on the front, per The Telegraph. Meanwhile, her brother Theodor was in light blue jeans, a blue-and-white striped shirt and a dark pullover.

Both Danish authorities and German police have launched an investigation into the matter.

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