All the Celebrities With a Twin You Didn’t Know About

What’s better than keeping up with your favorite actor? 

Maybe it’s finding out that there’s more DNA where they came from!

Famous siblings are relatively common, of course, from the Brothers Hemsworth and Jonas to the trio of sisters who make up the band Haim, and so many stars count one or more siblings as their best friends in the world, business partners, roommates, etc. But there are only so many who bunked together before they were even born. 

There are sets of celebrity twins you know well because they’ve been building their brand together every step of the way, à la Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and others who you’ve seen a lot of, only…you’re just not sure which one is in which thing.

And then there are stars who were born as one-half of a pair and their brother or sister has a regular job, so you may not know who they are—but rest assured that their biggest fan is usually their twin. Or, in Gisele Bündchen‘s case, her business manager!

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