10 Under-Recognized Artists Who Got Their Due in 2023 – ARTnews.com

It has become a cliché to suggest that the art-historical canon is expanding—that much is apparent to anyone who has visited a museum in the past five years. But just how much can it grow? The answer to that question remains unknown, and a range of shows for under-recognized artists in 2023 suggested that we simply do not know the limits yet. That, of course, is a good thing.

One significant way the canon grew this year was through the addition of figures active before 1900, an area that has received less attention in major museums in past years. Female Old Masters were seen anew, especially in the case of a Baltimore Museum of Art show that spotlights women working in Europe between 1400 and 1800.

Yet the art-historical rewriting hardly ended there. It continued with fresh looks for modernists forewent in the past, as well as with retrospectives for artists who hailed from beyond Western Europe and the US. These shows acted as signs of changing times and increased curiosity on the parts of curators, and the momentum is likely to be felt in 2024 and the years afterward.

Below, a look at 10 artists who received their due in 2024.

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