Whitney Cummings Details Her Postpartum Body After Son’s Birth

Being a mom is no joke.

Just ask Whitney Cummings, who shared insight into her ever-evolving postpartum body after recently announcing she welcomed her first child, a baby boy.

“Something nobody told me about giving birth is that you stay looking prego for a bit,” she captioned her Dec. 21 Instagram post, “then your body changes every 5 minutes after that.”

In the photo, Whitney showcased her figure by posing in nothing but gray high-rise shorts. She covered her chest with her hands and smiled at the camera, while standing in a post-birth recovery room. 

The comedian added, “Thank god @fridamom makes these postpartum shorts that keep everything from falling out.”

Although the 41-year-old offered a glimpse inside her life as a new mom, she’s kept details of her baby boy out of the spotlight. In fact, she yet to share her little one’s name.

“3-D printed a human,” she joked in a Dec. 17 post, alongside a photo of herself holding her son while keeping his face hidden. “Enjoy me never having brushed hair again.”

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