So you want to craft a killer pitch deck

Hey, friends!

So, you want to craft a great pitch deck. You want to come up with something authentic to what you are building, but also informed by past successes. Hell, you probably want to avoid common mistakes and get a feel for what other startup founders are using to raise capital, right?

Good news: TechCrunch+ has all of that, and more, ready to go.

Through our weekly Pitch Deck Teardown series, we’ve analyzed dozens of pitch decks that startups have used to successfully raise capital. Written by our in-house expert Haje Jan Kamps, a pitch coach, former founder and venture investor, this series presents a both-sides-of-the-table perspective on what makes a great pitch deck and the mistakes you should avoid.

Here’s a rundown of our favorite teardowns from the past few weeks:

  • Angel: For the early-stage folks reading, we have SplitBrick’s $200,000 angel deck. Given how many startups have tried to democratize real estate investing, SplitBrick is facing a pretty crowded market. Perhaps due to that, Haje was not entirely convinced by its deck.
  • Series A: Aether’s monster Series A deck is an example of how following guidelines is not a requirement for raising capital. Still, the deck has quite a lot to learn from. Including what a polyfluoroalkyl substance is! For more on Series A raising, head here.
  • Extension rounds: A bit of theme this year, yeah? For founders out there looking to tack on funds to their last private round, Phospholutions’ deck is the one for you:
  • Bonus: The CancerVAX crowdfunding round. Who doesn’t want less cancer? The crowdfunding event raised $855,138, so there’s lots to learn here.

We have decks from angel rounds through late stages, all right here.

If you need even more on how to build a compelling pitch deck in late 2023, we have notes here why the number of slides in decks is falling, and how to raise sans deck entirely!

Good luck out there, and happy (capital) hunting!





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