Why Catherine Lowe Credits Husband Sean for Helping Save Their Son

That’s not to say they exclusively view child-rearing through a set of rose-colored glasses. 

Because every night when the clock hits 5 p.m., they experience what can feel like the most dramatic evening ever. “Bedtime is psychotic,” acknowledged Catherine. “It’s like, ‘Why do I do this? What is happening? Did they turn into monsters?'” 

But then Isaiah will crack a joke (“He is just a hoot, he is the joy of our family”) or Mia will tell Mom she loves her and the Seattle native will remember she’s there for the right reasons. 

“If I have anxiety or anything, hearing my sweet baby’s voice brings me so much joy,” said Catherine. “And I think that’s what every parent experiences, those moments where even in the chaos, you see something—whether it’s a picture they drew or something they said to you or a kiss—and that’s what brings you back to reality of, like, this is a beautiful journey that I get to be on.”

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