Ali Krieger Hints At Ashlyn Harris Infidelity With Beyoncé Reference

Now let’s get in formation ‘cause Ali Krieger has something to say.

Amid her divorce from fellow soccer star Ashlyn Harris, the Gotham FC player kicked over an eyebrow-raising post from her latest practice session: “Preparing for playoffs while in my Beyonce lemonade era.” 

Now, a quick timeout in case you’ve been living under a rock: Beyoncé’s 2016 album focuses on the singer’s discovery that husband Jay-Z had been unfaithful. OK, back to the action…

Which brings us to the sidelines, where Ali’s brother Kyle Krieger has a message. In the comments of her Oct. 19 Instagram, he chimed in with lyrics from Bey’s hit “Don’t Hurt Yourself.”

“‘This is your final warning, you know I give you life,'” the YouTuber wrote. “‘I you try this s–t again, you gone lose your wife.'”

And while Ali may now be single, she will always have a team supporting her. “Love you and so proud of you!” Kyle added. “These hoes ain’t loyal!! But me and your fans are!”

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