See Kim Kardashian Advise Emma Roberts in Chilling AHS Trailer

Can you keep up with Kim Kardashian‘s scream queen era?

After all, the Kardashians star and Emma Roberts take center stage in American Horror Story: Delicate. And the trailer for season 12 of the horror anthology series, based on Danielle Valentine‘s novel Delicate Condition, finds Kim fully embracing her new role.

The trailer shows Emma’s character, Anna, a rising star celebrity, and her husband Dexter (Matt Czuchry) trying for a baby. However, not only is she plagued by nightmares of something going wrong, she’s also paranoid over being followed by Cara Delevingne‘s mysterious character Meg—and later taking part in monitoring the baby after Emma’s character gets pregnant.

However, her husband doesn’t seem to believe something is wrong—despite Emma seeing her hair fall out, spider webs coming out of her head and blood dripping down her mouth—telling her she’s “on a ton of meds” and to “stop being hysterical” at one point.


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