Eric Decker Strips Down in Support of Jessie James Decker’s New Book

Eric Decker brought the heat in support of his wife Jessie James Decker.

The NFL star gave followers an eyeful while celebrating the country star’s new cookbook Just Eat, posing nude with his leg crossed over his knee and the book strategically placed over his waist.

“Sharin the tasty love,” Eric captioned the image. “Grab a hard copy of Just Eat, Jess new cook book. She cooks her ass off and these recipes are proof of that.”

And it appears Eric is already thinking about his next steps, adding, “How should I make Jess return this kind gesture and favor)?????”

Jessie also reposted the risqué ad on her Instagram, joking that the couple were still brainstorming more ideas for Eric’s support.

“Mocking up ideas for how Eric can show his love for me and my new cookbook Just Eat,” the singer wrote. “Let me know how you think we can we top last time?!”

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