Kelly Clarkson’s Kids Make Surprise Appearance Onstage at Vegas Show

“My son, he is 7 years old. He picked the coolest song for a dude to pick,” Kelly told the crowd, as seen in another fan’s video. “I was like, ‘He was destined for greatness just for loving this song alone.'”

As Remy appeared onstage, Kelly asked him, “Are you ready to dance?”

“I told him, he was like, ‘There’s gonna be a lot of people,'” the singer told the audience, “and I was like, ‘No, we have dances all the time in our house.”

The next day, Kelly shared a photo of River and Remy backstage at the concert. “Both of my kiddos backstage getting ready to join me on stage in Vegas,” she captioned her Aug. 19 Instagram post. “Nothing will ever be as cool and amazing as these two little humans that will always have my whole heart.”

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