The Secret to Cillian Murphy’s Chiseled Cheekbones Proves He’s a Ken

It turns out, Cillian Murphy tapped into his kenergy for Oppenheimer.

The Irish actor—who played “the father of the atomic bomb” J. Robert Oppenheimer in Christopher Nolan‘s drama—received the Barbie treatment during the press tour with his seemingly effortless glow, proving the “Barbenheimer” mash-up was destined to become a reality.

Cillian’s hairstylist and groomer Gareth Bromell recently revealed how he sculpted the actor’s cheekbones to perfection on and off the big screen, using Tom Ford’s Soleil Glow Bronzer in the shade Terra.

“The powder doesn’t have any glitter or shimmer, or anything like that, which I think is very important for male clients,” Gareth explained to GQ. “You want them to look sunkissed but you don’t want them to look like they’re wearing makeup.”

To give Cillian that afternoon-in-the-sun finish, the beauty pro only placed the bronzer in the areas of the face the sun would naturally add radiance, including “the left and right of the forehead, the points that are a bit more raised on the face shape, and the center of the nose, a bit on the chin, the ears, and a little on the neck.”

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