Vanessa Williams Reveals Why She Gets Botox But Avoids Plastic Surgery

There are some cosmetic injectables Vanessa Williams isn’t willing to give a shot.

The Ugly Betty actress candidly shared insight into why she draws the line at plastic surgery and facial fillers but is a fan of other beauty treatments.

“I’m due for Botox,” Vanessa told Page Six last week while attending The Cottage‘s Broadway opening night. “I don’t do filler and I have so much full movement that there is no Botox at all.”

There are so many cosmetic treatments available that the 60-year-old doesn’t need to go under the knife—at least, not yet.

“That would be the one thing that I would probably put off for the very last thing,” Vanessa explained. “The technology now for lifting, sculpting, tightening is incredible. And there’s a machine for anything. I just got a microcurrent thing for your neck, it was called Forma and it’s like a total package facial.”

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