Why Filming This Barbie Scene Was the Worst Day for Issa Rae

Director Greta Gerwig also recalled the moment she revealed to Issa that President Barbie had one important role to complete aside from leading the land of make-believe.

“Because of scheduling, we had been rehearsing the dance for a long time, but I was like, ‘Well, President Barbie needs a solo,’ and she was like, ‘Okay, when am I going to learn it?’ And I was like, ‘Right now!'” Greta explained to E!. “And she did, she did it great and she’s such a good dancer.”

As the Lady Bird director noted, despite Issa’s hesitation, she was simply “amazing.”

“Honestly I felt enthusiastic and I wanted to have President Barbie have a solo,” Greta continued. “That’s it. She crushed it.”

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