The Ultimate Fighter: Conor McGregor shoves Michael Chandler in the face

Conor McGregor laid hands on Michael Chandler on this week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter, as the former UFC champion’s frustration boiled over amid his team’s losing streak.

McGregor’s team have lost every fight so far on the new season of the UFC television show, going 0-6 against Team Chandler. On this week’s episode, Lee Hammond was submitted by Kurt Holobaugh in the second round of their lightweight clash.

McGregor’s fellow Irishman Hammond impressed in the first round, but he was caught in a guillotine choke and tapped out in the next frame. Outside the ring, McGregor fell to his knees and buried his head in his hands.

The 34-year-old then entered the cage and told Hammond: “Lee, that was a f***ing flawless performance.” Hammond replied, “That’s not flawless,” but McGregor doubled down: “That’s a flawless performance, son, don’t worry about it.

“He got lucky there. Head up. I’m proud of you mate. It happens. He didn’t land one shot on you, you were absolutely timing him.”

McGregor then took exception to Chandler saying that his team are ‘stacking up wins’. McGregor told the American, “Some of these kids were in the UFC before you were in the UFC,” referencing the fact that Chandler is coaching a team of UFC veterans against McGregor’s rookies.

“As long as you show up for them,” Chandler hit back, criticising McGregor’s coaching ability. “Maybe if you showed up for them. I show up for my f***ing team.”

“I’ll show up and break your nose, you little fool, yeah?” McGregor fired back, before shoving Chandler in the face. “Woo!” Chandler shouted. “Oh, are we gonna do this, are we gonna fight right now? Let’s go, baby.”

UFC president Dana White rushed to the ring to calm down both men, before Chandler left and told McGregor’s mentees: “I’m sorry you guys are on that f***ing team. I would have been there for you.”

McGregor and Chandler were announced as the coaches for this season of The Ultimate Fighter back in February, when it was also confirmed that they would fight each other later this year.

However, no date, location or weight class has been announced for that bout.

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