See the Moment Meghan Trainor’s Son Riley Met His Baby Brother

Meghan Trainor Welcomes Baby No. 2 With Daryl Sabara

We’re all about this sibling bond.

Just a few hours after Meghan Trainor announced that she and husband Daryl Sabara had welcomed their second son Barry, the singer shared a TikTok showing the sweet moment their newborn met his big brother Riley, 2.

In the July 4 video, the toddler greets a yawning Barry, who is nestled in a car seat, before cutting to a clip showing Riley reaching out to hold the newborn in Daryl’s arms as Meghan, 29, tells him, “That’s your baby!”

Eventually, Riley does get to shower his baby brother with affection, holding Barry while sitting on a couch and later caress his face while the infant lies in his swing.

Yay Riley!” Meghan cooed from behind the camera. “You did it!”

The “Mother” singer also heaped praise over her eldest in the caption, writing, “Riley is so gentle, sweet and absolutely in love with his new best friend.”

Earlier in the day on July 4, Meghan announced that her and Daryl’s second son had arrived—on what she and the Spy Kids actor already consider to be a pretty poignant day.

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