Here’s How You Can Get $120 Worth of Olaplex Hair Products for $47

Do you need more information before you shop? Here are some rave reviews from happy shoppers.

Olaplex No.0 Intensive Bond Builder Reviews

“I bleached my hair for a second time that left my hair fried. Lots of split ends and looked like rats nest, I did the no. 0 treatment and having been using the shampoo and conditioner literally fixed my hair it’s so healthy feeling now and split ends are a lot less,” a shopper explained.

Another reviewed, “It visibly repairs hair, including damaged ends. I am absolutely in love with the results. No matter if I style it straight or curly, my hair looks in a much better state thanks to this treatment.”

Someone raved, “This is by far the best hair care product line I have ever used! I have much thicker hair and the frizz disappeared after the 1st use. I am so impressed with all their products and my only regret is that I found them so late in life as I am now in my mid 60’s.”

Olaplex Nº.3 Hair Perfector Reviews

“I love how soft and silky my hair is after I use it. After one use it is plain to see that there is less damage. My hair is bleached and colored (think a galaxy vibe, blues, purples, teals), this product has been a life saver in my hair health. Even after 4 years of intense color, my hair is healthy with minimal breakage or split ends. I KNOW that  is because of the olaplex line, especially No. 3,” a shopper reviewed.

Another declared, “Olaplex 3 is a miracle worker. I’ve been using Olaplex 3 on my hair for years and it is such a game changer. After each use, my hair feels soft and healthy. I am particular to use it before and after hair color services, as well. It has allowed this natural born brunette to stay a medium length blonde for many years.”

“I had extreme bleach damage and saw a major difference in one wash. My hair was no longer fragile or stringy when wet. After two uses I’ve had less breakage, my curls are healing and it’s been less dry. It also feels thicker and is no long stiff. I can see the life coming back, I’ve tried many products and this one has shown the fastest results,” a fan of the product explained.

N°4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo Reviews

“I love this shampoo the quality is exceptional, it leaves the hair clean. And ready for conditioning. It is the perfect combination, the first step for Read more about review stating A first step towards the recovery of my hair,” a shopper wrote.

Another explained, “My hairdresser introduced me to Olaplex I have been using the bonding treatment and maintenance shampoo and conditioner for 1 1/2 years my hair is so much more healthier! I absolutely love Olaplex!!” 

“My hair has never been so smooth and healthy. I dye my hair a lot so I need a shampoo and conditioner that will keep my hair looking silky and healthy. This does just that. I tell all my friends to get it. Definitely worth it,” someone reviewed.

Olaplex Nº.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner Reviews

“Soooooo good. I use the No 0, 3-4-5 routine after every hair color and now I swear by the entire line. My curly locks have never been better,” a shopper gushed.

Another raved, “I LOVE this stuff!!! I use it in combination with the shampoo and it has really improved the look and feel of my hair. It isn’t drying even when I use it every day.”

“I’ve noticed a huge difference in the softness and texture of my hair,” someone wrote.

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