Sean Lowe Recalls Keeping Son Safe During Attempted Armed Robbery

Sean Lowe is recalling how he kept his son safe during a terrifying time.

The Bachelor alum explained that he and his 6-year-old son Samuel—who he shares with wife Catherine Giudici Lowe—were out shopping when they had a “kind of scary” car theft situation.

“Two months ago, I was checking out at Dicks Sporting Goods in Dallas when a woman came in and said, ‘4 guys are outside trying to steal a truck,”” Sean wrote on his Instagram Stories April 19, per People. “I told Samuel to stay inside, I went outside and found 4 guys in ski masks attempting to steal my truck.”

And he noted that keeping Samuel inside ended up being the right move.

“Long story short—they didn’t get caught, a witness saw them holding a gun out of the window of their getaway car,” the Bachelor Nation member continued. “And I’ve thanked God 1000x for not allowing Samuel and I to walk up on them unknowingly.”

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