Martha Stewart Reveals “What the F” She’s Doing to Maintain Appearance

“Even before I drink the green juice, I’ve been to the Pilates studio with my trainer, Janice,” she continued. “So, this is where I go at 6:30 in the morning, it’s nice.”
As for skin care, the TV personality sticks to a few cardinal rules.
“Well, I never go to bed with my makeup on,” she shared. “I cleanse myself extremely well with a cleansing oil, a warm cloth and get all signs of makeup off and then I put on a lot of stuff. I do hyaluronic acid, I put on very rich creams, I do vitamin C, I do peptides. These are my favorite kinds of things to put on my skin.”
But as to the secret behind her snaps? Martha chalks them up not only getting the best light, but also feeling your best too.

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