What Taylor Swift Can Teach Us About Polling

In the midst of news about the possible indictment of a former president, some of the biggest news in the country has gone unmentioned on the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast. Yes, we’re talking about pop icon Taylor Swift’s “Eras” tour. When 14 million people simultaneously tried to buy pre-sale tickets last year, Ticketmaster broke down to the point that Congress felt the need to intervene. And on her opening night, Swift broke Madonna’s record for best-attended female concert in U.S. history — 69,000 people gathered in Glendale, Arizona. Pollsters have taken note, using surveys to determine who exactly Swift’s fans are and which of her 10 albums is best regarded. And so in part 1 of this week’s FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast, the crew asks our favorite question about one of America’s favorite musicians: Is this a good or bad use of polling?

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