Singer Bobby Caldwell Dead at 71

The music community is mourning the loss of Bobby Caldwell.

The jazz singer, known for his hit song “What You Won’t Do For Love,” died March 14 at his home in New Jersey, his wife Mary Caldwell confirmed. He was 71.

“Bobby passed away here at home,” Mary’s statement, posted to social media March 15, read. “I held him tight in my arms as he left us. I am forever heartbroken. Thanks to all of you for your many prayers over the years.”

Mary noted that her husband had been ‘floxed,’ a term that describes rare but painful side effects of fluoroquinolone antibiotics, according to The Atlantic.

Last year, his team confirmed Bobby suffered a bad reaction to a prescribed antibiotic in 2017.

“It took his health over the last 6 years and 2 months,” Mary concluded, “Rest with God, my Love.”

According to the songwriter’s rep, Bobby hadn’t been able to walk for the past five years as he coped with neuropathy and a torn tendon in his ankle.


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