Stop Sweat With Top-rated $7 Blotting Sheets That Don’t Ruin Makeup

I’m not the only one who loves these blotting sheets. Here are some of the five-star reviews.

PleasingCare Natural Bamboo Charcoal Oil Absorbing Tissues Reviews

A shopper insisted, “If you need blotting pads, BUY THESE. I have bought so many things on amazon and never once felt compelled to write a review. However this blotting pads are amazing! They make your makeup look fresh and do not remove any makeup, just the oil. I highly highly recommend!”

Another person reviewed, “These are a great alternative to pressed powder to absorb the ‘shine’ on your face. I don’t have to keep caking on more pressed powder so it keeps my skin cleaner and more makeup free. It comes with a little mirror and is lightweight so it’s no big deal in the purse. It really absorbs the oil. I take it to Disney and just dab after a few hours. I don’t need to cart around the pressed powder. Love it.”

Someone raved, “These little things are lifesavers when your skin starts to feel a little oily and sticky. Just whip one out, dab and wipe the yuck away, and you’re looking clean and fresh in no time. It always amazes me to see how much oil was there when I’m done… eek!”

Another gushed, “OMG this works! I have extremely oily skin, especially in my T-zone. I use these daily at work, halfway thru the day to prevent looking shiny. I haven’t had issues with this breaking my skin out either.
I’m in love with these!! No complaints.”

An Amazon customer wrote, “Works miracles. I suffer from extremely oily skin and these wipes have saved me from looking shiny and gross on pictures and in person. It’s icky yet amazing how much oil these little things can take off.”

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