The Tragically Similar Fates of Bobbi Kristina Brown & Whitney Houston

Over the course of Houston’s 15-year marriage to Bobby Brown, the last two of which occurred in the perception-skewing shadow of their at-times surreal reality show Being Bobby Brown, it became harder to discern who led whom down what road. The world had pretty much assumed that her decline was her husband’s fault, but she had admittedly used drugs before she was with Brown, even at the height of her success.

So, it turned out they had walked down that road together, hand in hand.

But regardless of where they ended up, Brown and Houston were longtime sweethearts, first meeting in 1989 and marrying in 1992. Until their 2007 divorce, she stuck with the R&B hit-maker through rehab, arrests, car accidents and more misbehavior (Bobby has said there was infidelity on both sides), so much of which seemed to be brought on by his issues.

Houston, however, would later describe herself as “what you call a functioning junkie.”

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