Emergency NYC Trailer Shows the Intense World of Medical Pros

There are 2.7 million medical calls placed in New York City every year.

An exclusive look at Netflix’s upcoming docuseries Emergency NYC, premiering March 29, shows the pulse-pounding reality of what happens after those calls are made.

“The show provides an intense, merciless, day-to-day portrait of a group of emergency medical workers across New York City,” the streamer described. “We witness the struggles and triumphs of a helicopter flight nurse, transplant surgeons, paramedics, trauma surgeons and neurosurgeons, while they give everything they have to help those who need it most.”

Emergency NYC was developed by Ruthie Shatz and Adi Barash, the same team behind Netflix’s 2020 docuseries Lenox Hill, which highlighted the lives of four doctors at Manhattan’s Lenox Hill Hospital. 

“We wanted to portray the vital importance of each individual, while revealing the complexity of the health system and its many moving parts,” Ruthie and Adi exclusively told E! News about Emergency NYC. “Their raw acts of humanity are usually only witnessed during the most fragile moments of a person’s life, but are necessary for all to see.”

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