Ukraine Issues Banksy Postage Stamp to Mark Anniversary of Invasion –

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion, Ukraine has memorialized one of the murals that the mysterious street artist Banksy painted on the burnt-out remnants of buildings around Kyiv in November, the Guardian reports.

The mural shows a young boy calmly executing a judo throw known as a “floating drop” against a fully grown man who is thought to represent Russia’s president Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader is a well-known practitioner of the martial art, but was stripped of his title of honorary president of the International Judo Federation early last year.

According to the Guardian, residents of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv swarmed the city’s main post office on Friday to stock up on the stamps, which, in addition to the provocative mural, has the phrase “FCK PTN” written in Cyrillic in the lower left corner.

The mural is one of seven that Banksy painted around the Ukrainian capital city. In December, eight people were arrested for trying to steal one of the murals from a wall in Hostomel, a city just outside Kyiv. The perpetrators were arrested on the spot. The person who allegedly orchestrated the failed heist could face more than 10 years in prison.

Earlier this month, Ukrainian officials installed protective glass over several of the murals to protect them from vandals and harsh weather conditions.

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