See Joseph Gordon Levitt Make His Poker Face Debut

Poker Face‘s Charlie Cale has found herself in yet another sticky situation—only this time she’s banged up worse than ever before.

In E! News’ exclusive sneak peek at the Peacock series’ March 2 episode, Charlie (Natasha Lyonne) wakes up in a strange motel after an apparent car accident. “Where am I?” a bruised and battered Charlie asks as two men—Jimmy (David Castaneda) and Trey (Joseph Gordon Levitt)—stand over her.

As it turns out, they found her outside a motel and brought her in. When Charlie tries to sit up, a loud cracking sounds escapes her body, causing her to scream in pain, “Oh f–k! My leg. Oh my god, my everything!”

Which forces Jimmy to as, “Do you know what happened to you? Come on, think hard.”

Charlie struggles to remember. “So, I was on the road and you were there,” she says, pointing to a stuffed deer head. “There were headlights and they were coming right at me.”

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