ARTnews Announces Clothing Collection in Collaboration with PLEASURES –

ARTnews and Los Angeles–based lifestyle brand, PLEASURES, announced Friday that they will be releasing a unisex apparel collaboration. The collection will launch on February 18.

“We wanted to educate our audience about the importance of art not only in culture, but also in media through one of the most premier platforms: ARTnews,” said PLEASURES cofounder, Alex James. “The merging of fashion and art is not a new concept but something that will surely live on.” 

Collaborations between the art world and fashion have a long history. For example, the O.G. art/fashion project, Dalí + Schiaparelli, as ARTnews editor-in-chief Sarah Douglas wrote in 2021, brought us the Shoe hat, the Lobster dress, the Tears dress, and the Skeleton dress. Other artist x fashion collaborations have included Hank Willis Thomas and Helmut Lang, Richard Prince and Louis Vuitton, and Anne Imhof and Burberry. Most recently, Louis Vuitton released a new collaboration with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

The ARTnews and PLEASURES collection includes a hoodie in black and gray colorways, a long-sleeve T-shirt in both black and white, a T-shirt available in black and gray, and baseball caps in black and in white.

Have a look at the new collection below and watch out for the drop here:

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