The 5 Best Booths at Salón Acme 2023 –

While Zona Maco and Material’s exhibitors to tend bring out their established and mid-career artists, Salón Acme showcases emerging art from Mexico and around the world. The motto scrawled on the back of the fair’s guide this year sums it up: “So fresh it’s still wet.”

Rather than taking place at a large convention hall, as is typical for most art fairs, Salón Acme is situated in two old buildings connected by a rooftop terrace in Mexico City’s historic center. The fair invites young and smaller galleries to show there, but the most exciting works are to be found in the section that features artists who haven’t yet found representation.

Each year, scores of emerging artists send in applications each year in the hope of being selected. Many of the applicants are students and alums of Mexico’s art schools, like the Esmeralda.

Below are five of the best booths at Salón Acme’s 2023 edition.

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