Last of Us: How a Buzzed About Character Met Their Grisly Fate

“When Michael and I were little, this room seemed so big,” Kathleen tells Perry. “I was really scared of thunder, so when there was a storm, Michael told me that this wasn’t a room at all. This was actually just a big, wooden box. A big, wooden box that nothing could get inside of. It didn’t matter if there was lightning or tornadoes or gunfire, he said as long as we were together in our perfect box, we would be safe.”

However, Kathleen’s sentimental side doesn’t stick around for long.

“If you’ve come to tell me that Michael wouldn’t want me to hurt Henry, that he would want me to forgive? I know that, too,” Kathleen says to Perry. “He told me. The last time I saw him alive, in jail, he told me to forgive. And what did he get for that? Where is the justice in that? What is the point of that?”

Perry, a faithful right-hand man to the bitter end, had no intention of dissuading Kathleen, telling her, “He didn’t change anything. You did. We’re with you.”

And just like that, they’re off.

Kathleen and her cavalcade eventually tracks down the foursome—and that’s when s–t really hits the fan.

After Joel manages to shoot and the kill the driver of one of the militia’s massive vehicles, the car careens into a nearby dilapidated house and bursts into flames. And just as Kathleen and her squad begin to corner Ellie, Henry and Sam, a massive sinkhole emerges where the vehicle crashed and envelopes the thing entirely.

What emerges from the hole, you might ask? Oh, just an army of infected humans looking for dinner.

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