Oh-So-Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts for Long-Distance Duos

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Valentine’s Day means different things to every couple out there. But when you’re far away from your partner, it can take on an extra heartache-y feel. Suddenly, you wish you could be debating where to try to snag a last-minute dinner reservation, or thinking that maybe, the ends of rom-coms where someone travels an absurd distance just to be with the other person aren’t so impractical after all.

When you can’t be with your other half in person, it may feel difficult to find Valentine’s Day worth celebrating at all. However: You’re wrong! And I mean that in the nicest, gentlest way possible.

There are so many thoughtful gifts out there that are worth presenting your favorite person with, even if it has to be through snail mail, over Zoom, or via FaceTime.

Since you might be busy moping about spending Valentine’s Day by yourself even though you’re not single anymore, I took it upon myself to put together this list of gifts for couples in long-distance relationships. After all, living apart is hard enough. Shopping doesn’t need to be a challenge, too~

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