Jimmy Kimmel Live! Celebrates 20th Late-Night Anniversary

Ben Affleck also popped up with a love note, sharing, “Jimmy, you are nothing if not an enormous talent and, to this day, my only friend who has written an entire song about f–king me.”

Perhaps the funniest message, however, came from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, whose video was celebrating a different milestone altogether. “I say this with friendship and love in my heart—well, you don’t look 20. I’m wondering if you have a thyroid issue or something? Anyway, I’m going to email you a couple names of doctors, I’m sure it’s easily addressed with some medication,” she joked. “Happy birthday.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a JKL bit if it didn’t end with his rival Matt Damon, whose “rivalry” with Jimmy has been a staple on the late-night show for almost as long as it’s been on-air. “Congratulations, Jimmy Fallon. One of the most talented and also one of the kindest people—” he began before being interrupted and corrected on his mistake. Damon then ended the video with boos and a middle finger.

Fans can expect to see Jimmy for at least three more years, as the show has been renewed through season 23. He told E! News, “I just agreed to stay on for another few years, so I’m gonna be around for a while, God willing.”

Tune into Jimmy Kimmel Live!, weeknights on ABC.

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