13 Things to Shop Just Because It’s Friday the 13th

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Friday the 13th means different things to different people. Historically, or so it’s thought, its existence as a modern-day bogeyman has its roots in Norse mythology, European history, and even some Western religions. Today, though, it exists more as a top-tier slasher franchise and generally a day of heightened excitement.

Does it bring good luck? Does it spell bad? What happens when a black cat crosses your path on it? We may not have any real answers, but one thing we can say for sure is that it’s always fun to note when a Friday the 13th happens. And here we are! The earliest in the year a Friday the 13th could possibly occur, and we’ve got one.

Maybe the date makes you miss the Halloween season. Maybe you’re a year-round goth type who’s always looking to boost her collection of spooky stuff. Maybe you just wanted a sign that you deserved to treat yourself today, and ended up here by accident.

No matter how you feel about Friday the 13th, we can safely say we all feel that it’s important to take advantage of a shopportunity when it arises. So, sit back, scroll down, and get yourself some goofy gifts. Just…don’t go near any crystal-clear lakes today, if you can avoid it.

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