Prince George’s Hidden Talent Will Have You Bowing Down

There’s an artist dwelling within Kensington Palace.

That young Picasso? None other than Prince George. Case in point: His parents Prince William and Kate Middleton shared an adorable holiday painting done by their eldest son.

The image, posted to their official Instagram account, shows a reindeer in the snow as two birds are perch atop its antlers. And it seems the 9-year-old put all his effort into creating the painting, as seen by the intricate details in the animal’s fur and snowy backdrop.

The Prince and Princess of Wales captioned their post, “Happy Christmas,” accompanied by a paint palette emoji giving credit to their son for the artistic creation.

Users marveled at George’s painting in the comments, with one person writing that he “inherited Mummy’s artistic talents.” After all, a postcard featuring a stunning sketch done by Kate herself was shared last May. (Plus, she’s known to take her kids’ official photographs.)

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