Megan Fox and MGK’s Beauty Collab Is Even Steamier Than Expected

Megan Fox‘s newest beauty endeavor is as sharp as nails—literally.

The Jennifer’s Body actress joined forces with fiancé Machine Gun Kelly to release a spellbinding nail polish collection under his label UN/DN LAQR. But this isn’t your basic collab, as the couple chose shades that hold special meanings.

Each hue in the five-product lineup—which includes a vibrant blue, deep emerald, pale lavender, fiery ruby red and moonstone glitter—is inspired by Megan’s favorite crystals and gemstones.

In fact, the mesmerizing metallic green lacquer is a nod to Megan’s engagement ring, which MGK previously said represented her birthstone. And in true Megan and Machine Gun Kelly fashion, the overall vibe of their collaboration was, according to a press release, “curated to evoke confidence, feeling centered and sexy.”

Those are three words we’d also use to describe the pair’s steamy campaign photos.

In one snapshot, Megan wrapped her stiletto claws, glazed in the emerald shade, around the singer’s neck. The imagery was reminiscent of a vampire getting ready to pierce its fangs inside a victim’s neck.

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