Lizzo, Kelsea Ballerini and More React to 2023 Grammy Nominations

Singer-songwriter The-Dream, who got six nominations for his work on Renaissance, penned a long, emotional note on his Twitter, writing, “I can barely keep my tear ducts from overloading. It’s not about a nomination or a trophy for me. I’m the orphan from Atlanta Ga. I have no parents I only have their pictures replaying in my mind. Some of those moments I can’t seem to remember like my mothers hands or my grandfathers eye color. When you have everything it’s hard to understand what it means to jot. It means the most to me that through it all, my might has come from those angels before me. I represent their success the success is what a child must bare, that’s what I bare everyday the best that I can with what I was given. Life is long whether cut short or not, life is Long. This world and this business can take things from you, it puts you at the center of a energy that feeds on goodwill and tries its best to turn you. I cry because I stayed the course. I wrote these songs under duress, I write these songs knowing I may not make it home to my children today. I write these songs in the depths of a culture that despises people that look like me or dress like me. I’m what opposing attorneys call low lying fruit. I survive them everyday at every turn. I cry when I think of my children having to endure that same thing. I try my best to protect them in the midst of it all. It’s so hard it’s way harder than it should be. Esp when you have been blessed with a thing that can help heal a world. That means I know why I’m heat in this time and this moment and I also know the easiest thing to ever do was give up or use the lack of surrounding love to set my course and turn my back. Everyday whether you see me or not. When you hear songs I’m sort of please note, I sit my own pain aside to make sure I show up to give you the best part of my heart that I can possibly give. Every time. Yes right now even. It’s duress and it’s mines and trust me if I deserves such a thing in life I’d speak it. I can say for sure enough has been taken from me anything beyond those things that I will never have again, I am in favor because my mother and father bared the pain of the world and still installed sense and goodwill into my heart no matter the circumstance. If you have parents let them know you love them, trust me! To all of you who has believed in me I thank you, I thank you from the bottom, my family thanks you. Everyone I’ve touched a record with I appreciate your time and your patience. To my love ones I thank you for being love itself. I’m a man who lost it all before anyone knew who I was, everyday I gain parts of it back although we all know that will never happen, at least I can remind you or a love so deep that it compels you to love all out. I win everyday and the best wins are the wins you win when, racing yourself. Thank you for you consideration. Please don’t kill me over spell checks I know how

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