This essay originally appeared in Reframed, the Art in America newsletter about art that surprises us and works that get us worked up. Sign up here to receive it every Thursday. Herding cats is notoriously difficult, but how about making them harmonize? That is a hypothetical taken up long ago in a curious 17th-century musicalContinue Reading

Italy’s Venice Biennale, the world’s biggest art festival, would be big enough if it were limited to merely its main venues, the Arsenale and the Giardini. But the sprawling show has gradually expanded beyond these sites as other seek to get in on the action, piggybacking on the central showContinue Reading

Maintaining his innocence throughout the trial and afterward, Simpson also went on to stir up controversy surrounding the case again with his book, If I Did It, which was presented as a hypothetical accounts of the murders, in 2007. (Although the scheduled release of the book was cancelled shortly after being announcedContinue Reading

Devin Booker is calling foul on this rumor.  The Phoenix Suns player found himself at the center of chatter when users online began speculating he was the subject of an anonymous hairpiece application video, which was captioned, “Video of alleged NBA superstar getting a haircut is going viral.” To set the record straight,Continue Reading