Share How You Share Part II

Welcome to another round of SHARE How You SHARE (SHYS)!
If you have never heard of SHYS, we have a few things to ask you:

How do you share your 8Share Specials?

  • Are you getting enough clicks from your friends and followers on your networks (or, simply, are you making enough money)?
  • Is your sharing giving value/quality for your audience (is it not spam-ish, pushy, repetitive, etc)?
  • Is your sharing creating interesting conversations and feedback among your friends and maybe even you and them?

Did you know that good quality sharing..

  • Will gain you more genuine Unique Visits? — more UVs!
  • Will generate interest, conversations and positive feedback from your friends — also, more UVs! ;)
  • Will have more appeal and be more well-received by your audience, AND it’s also less likely that your friends might mark your posts as SPAM, or even worse – Unfriend or Unfollow you completely!

You can see how important your messaging is to share good and quality stuff. It’s all about having an interesting message! :)

So let’s see how you do by sharing how you share! The 10 posts with the most creative way of sharing will win RM20 cash credited to their 8Share account!



Go to this Special:
MUST WATCH: A beautiful video of Asian cultures across 5 different countries.


Scroll down till the end of the Special’s page and click on which platform you’d like to share this Special.
Important : When sharing the special, don’t forget to follow the 8Share Code Of Honor as any violation of it could cause account suspension.


Write the best, most creative & effective message related to the Special you’re sharing. Set your post to public, click Share link. (Sharing tips!

Example for Facebook:
In Twitter:

What you need to do so we can see what you share?

If you shared on Facebook,
Go to your Facebook profile page, copy your permalink for the post and fill up the form below. Make sure you put your permalink correctly or your chances of winning will be GONE!

If you shared on Twitter,
Go to your Twitter page, open the tweet that you made. Click Details and copy the link of the post and fill up the form below. But wait, in order for us to see your tweet, your profile MUST be set as Public, alright?


Now, fill up this form:

Closing date: 11.59pm, 27th April 2014
So remember, the key here is to be Creative and Effective!
We wish you all the best and may the best shares win! \o/